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Dance Medicine: Staying Fit for the Floor

Dance is an activity that doubles as an art form and an excellent source of exercise to maintain a strong balance of fitness. That being said, dance certainly has its challenges, both mentally as well as physically. For those who dance, it is especially important to stay healthy and always strive to develop a more toned technique. If injuries should arise, it is also imperative that the best care possible is available to return dancers back to the floor faster.


Jayme Protano – Director, Millbury

1. How many years have you been practicing Physical Therapy? I’ve been practicing for more than 20 years. 2. Why did you choose to become a Physical Therapist? I participated in a lot of sports in high school. I had to go to PT for a knee injury and was really impressed with the PTs with whom I worked. I knew I wanted to go into the medical field and PT seemed like a great fit for me. 3. Was there anything in particular who inspired your career choice? I was inspired by both the patients and therapists I observed…

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