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South County Physical Therapy, Inc. launches high-end medical records infrastructure

AUBURN_ Nationwide, hospitals and leading medical organizations are shifting the way they keep medical records to better serve patients. These data storage solutions are safe, reliable, and provide more up-to-the-minute and real time confidential record keeping. In this technology-based era, having instant access to medical records and pertinent patient information can help therapists quickly and efficiently access the vital information they need to treat a patient.


Mary Haglund

1. How many years have you been working at SCPT?
I first learned about South County Physical Therapy as a patient when Cathy Smith first opened her practice. Soon after, I began working as a Receptionist/Billing. At that time, Auburn and East Main Street, Westborough were the only two facilities open. I became the Billing Coordinator and remained in that position for 10 years. I left SCPT and returned in 2011 as the Billing Manager for the six locations. I remain in that position today.

2. Please describe a typical day for you at SCPT.
Our days at SCPT are very busy! Each day begins with setting up the plan for the day as far as billing, collections and working the many aspects of the billing processes at all of our locations. We receive many phone calls with referral/billing questions from our other offices and also questions directly from our patients. The billing team works very hard to accomplish their daily goals.


How much do we really need to do to stay healthy?

If you’re like many Americans, you lead a fast paced lifestyle, driving around a caravan of kids to sports and dance practices after a full day at work. After cooking dinner and helping with a pile of homework, sometimes it’s enough just to hop into sweatpants and slide onto the sofa for an hour of downtime before we press the repeat button and do it all again. Keeping yourself healthy through exercise may just be a distant fantasy. And, for some, swinging through the drive-thru seems so much easier than breaking out the pots and pans. Sometimes, you feel like you’ve run a marathon or lived on a treadmill. The good news is you don’t have to spend hours sweating at the gym (although kudos if you can!) to reap benefits that will impact long-term health. Even if you’re busy, adding a few small changes to your daily routine, you can enhance your overall health, and also look and feel better.

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