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Fit for Golf™ – A Hole in One

After the winter that wouldn’t end, New England’s golf season is now in full swing. Golf brings many health benefits, burning an average of 721 calories when carrying your own bag through a nine-hole course, but the sport also proves to be mentally challenging and socially stimulating. Those with a passion for golf often strive to stay fit year round and continuously improve their skills to enjoy the game throughout their lives.


Technically Successful

Advances in technology are all around us. The evolution of telecommunications, computers, and medicine continues at an exponential pace. Medical technological advances in the past 20 years have brought radical change to surgery and postoperative care and have saved and prolonged lives. However, what about physical therapy? How does a profession rooted in the basic human connection of communication and personal contact benefit from the frenetic pace of technological change? Should it? Can it?

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