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Organ Donation: Continuing the Story of Life

Right now, there are 119,000 individuals on the national transplant waiting list, and approximately 20 will die each day as they wait for lifesaving news. For those who receive a second chance at life and for their families, April marks a time of celebration and remembrance. National Donate Life Month is a time to build awareness and encourage individuals to register as organ donors.


Autism. Advocate. Accept. Applaud.

For the parents of a child with autism, a few moments of eye contact, tolerance to a new fabric, or an utterance of speech can bring extraordinary joy. These can be significant milestones for the 1 in 68 children in the United States with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) — milestones that the Autism Society has been working hard to increase through research, support, and therapy recourses since it declared April as National Autism Awareness Month, in 1970. Autism is the most rapidly growing developmental disorder in the country, and it impairs non-verbal and verbal communication, impacts social interaction, and causes rigid and repetitive behavior.

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