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Emma Casiello

1. How many years have you been practicing Physical Therapy?
I have been working since 2012 after graduating from UMass Lowell’s PT program. I recently started at SCPT after working as an outpatient Neuro PT, while also serving as a wheelchair program team member for acquiring assistive tech for our clients (like wheelchairs, standing frames, etc.), and working with patients after amputation.


Controlling Stress with Mindful Meditation

In a busy world where hectic schedules are the norm, it can be truly beneficial to take a mental timeout. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), 44% of individuals have reported their stress levels have increased within the past five years. Money, work, and the economy were at the top of the list for stress-related worry, with family obligations, relationships, and personal health close behind.


Getting Ready for the Hottest Month of Summer

As mercury continues to rise in backyard thermometers, the summer sun invites us to go outside for a run in the park, sit by the ocean on the beach, or bring our kids to visit a local playground or pool. While the sun’s rays allow us to absorb much needed Vitamin D, it’s important to do so with moderation and precaution on the hottest days of August.

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