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Healthy Comfort Foods for Cold Winter Days

As temperatures drop and sunlight diminishes, it is tempting to reach for those foods that provide little nutrition yet offer warmth and relief. CNN Health shares that those who turn to comfort foods, which may take the form of sweet, calorie-dense, rich flavors or hearty, salty, and savory dishes, often report improved mood and reduced stress upon consumption.


Dennis Brady

1. How many years have you been practicing Physical Therapy?
I am a new graduate of Springfield College and have been practicing since May 2017.


Winter Storm Preparation

While the Farmer’s Almanac offers qualitative forecast predictions, we have advanced scientific technology to thank for the opportunity to anticipate imminent winter weather, allowing us time to prepare and preserve for the safety of our family, loved ones, and close neighbors. SCPT encourages you to prepare a Winter Storm Kit before the next storm strikes, and take precautions against potentially dangerous winter conditions.

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