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Changing the Mainstream Misconceptions of Physical Therapy

The rudimentary concepts of healing through physical therapy have evolved over time to encompass all facets of rehabilitative care, preventative maintenance, and performance enhancing techniques. These techniques are used by individuals, professional athletes, and performing artists alike. While the field of physical therapy continues to grow by leaps and bounds, there are many common misconceptions of this healthcare sector.


SCPT Celebrates National Physical Therapy Month

October is National Physical Therapy Month, which means there’s a lot to celebrate at South County Physical Therapy, Inc. (SCPT). With six convenient locations throughout Central Massachusetts, nearly a century of combined physical therapists experience, and more than 1 million patient visits, SCPT would like to thank its patients for 30 wonderful years – and counting!


The Text Neck Epidemic

It is human nature for mankind to adapt to its surroundings. Over thousands of centuries, our ancestors have evolved to become taller, smarter, less hairy, and more upright. However, advances in modern technology are creating a new challenge. Human posture is becoming increasingly compressed due to the overuse of mobile devices and dependency on social media. This physiological shift is resulting in children and adults of all ages becoming unofficially diagnosed with what many are calling “text neck” syndrome.


Proper Posture in the Classroom

Sunburns, summer reading, school supplies, and slouching? Before you know it, summer will be coming to an end. The back-to-school commotion is increasing, and the last thing anyone needs are backaches.

Proper posture in the classroom is extremely important. Kids and young adults spend most their time in the classroom during the school year, and when they’re not behind a desk or playing a sport, they’re usually hunched over a keyboard or “chill-axing” in front of the TV, their Xbox controls or engaged in other forms of technology.

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