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ACL awareness and preventive training are factors in keeping injury free

An anterior cruciate ligament injury, typically referred to as an ACL injury, can be devastating to both adults and children alike. The ACL, which connects the upper leg bone to the lower leg bone, often becomes the target of an injury for athletes who play jumping and pivoting sports. ACL injuries are most often seen in team sports which demand frequent turns, jumps, stops and starts when running, and often have little to no contact, such as soccer, lacrosse, basketball, volleyball, tennis and skiing.


Tips to help prevent fast pitch softball pitching injuries

Recent research on softball pitching techniques shows the importance of involvement of the body as a whole and not just the shoulder/arm. The power of a pitch is primarily generated from rotation in the hips and core stabilization. Proper use of the core muscles and mechanics are very important in these athletes, to sustain the ability to pitch for many innings. However, like many other injuries in life, softball injuries cannot be fully prevented. South County Physical Therapy, Inc. is happy to offer a few tips to assist with the reduction of the risk of injury in young female athletes.


Dance Medicine: Staying Fit for the Floor

Dance is an activity that doubles as an art form and an excellent source of exercise to maintain a strong balance of fitness. That being said, dance certainly has its challenges, both mentally as well as physically. For those who dance, it is especially important to stay healthy and always strive to develop a more toned technique. If injuries should arise, it is also imperative that the best care possible is available to return dancers back to the floor faster.

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