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Smart and healthy Back to School Shopping

For Immediate Release: August 27, 2014

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Eric Cardin, SCPT Executive Director, 508-832-2628

Making sure your child steps into the right pair of shoes or sneakers this year

AUBURN _ Back to school shopping is currently in high gear as children and parents look for the trendiest clothes and footwear of the season. However, before you make that final footwear purchase, South County Physical Therapy, Inc. (SCPT) Executive Director Eric Cardin suggests you to pay close attention to your child’s footwear choice.

“Foot health can directly relate to overall health regardless of your age,” Cardin said. “And, unlike adults, children’s feet are continually growing.”

Bad fitting shoes and sneaker can lead not only to foot and ankle problems, but also may lead to leg, hip and back pain.

A 2012 National Survey of 1,000 U.S. teenagers done by the American Podiatric Medical Association found a third of teenagers experience foot pain at least some of the time. The number one cause of the foot pain was attributed to sports, and over half of those who experienced foot pain acknowledged sports were the source. The survey also found that two in 10 who suffered from foot pain said it was from uncomfortable shoes, with girls more than boys noting this reason.

Also, it’s important for children to have the proper footwear for the activities in which they participate.  Sneakers are designed for each specific sport.  Additionally, a study presented by Michael Lowe, DPM, President of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine and team Podiatrist of the Utah Jazz National Basketball Association found that replacing sports shoes such as basketball shoes frequently can help reduce the incidence of overuse injury.

“There are several things parents and children can do to help avoid foot pain. Always try and shop for shoes later in the day when feet are at their largest and buy shoes that fit the larger of your child’s feet. Have your child’s feet measured and  bring the socks or tights they would wear with the shoes or sneakers,” Cardin said, adding, “Shoes and sneakers should fit right away; there should be no ‘break in’ period.”

SCPT offers a biomechanical foot assessment that includes proper fittings for shoes and sneakers, suggested exercises for strength and flexibility and recommendation for custom orthotics if necessary.

“Accessing how the foot ‘works’ from the inside out can reveal underlying causes of pain throughout the body,” Cardin said. “Our therapists are trained to identify the needs for custom or non-custom orthotics.”

To learn more about proper shoe and sneaker fittings, call South County Physical Therapy, Inc. at 508-832-2628.

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