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An ounce of prevention may make all the difference in your golf game

For Immediate Release: November 13, 2014

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Eric Cardin, SCPT Executive Director, 508-832-2628

AUBURN _ Warming up your muscles before playing a physical sport just makes sense. Golfers are no strangers to injuries; however, properly warming up may improve a person’s golf score and help mitigate a potential injury.

Warming up before taking to the course allows a golfer’s body to perform the actions of the golf swing optimally, according to an article on

Recently Grant Pattee, Assistant Director at South County Physical Therapy Inc.’s Charlton office, presented a 90-minute session to the Tantasqua Regional High School Boys Varsity Golf Team.

“We had 14 young men from the golf team and two coaches,” Pattee said. “The session focused on a proper warm up routine for golfers. The athletes were instructed in a dynamic program to help them get ready for a round of golf.”

SCPT’s complete golf program is broken up into equal segments that focus on movement screen, warm up, strengthening, and fine tuning.

This innovative program is presented by SCPT’s certified staff, who were trained through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI). The TPI was developed in 2003, and is one of the world’s leading educational organizations and research facilities dedicated to the study of how the body works in relation to the golf swing.

“Golf performance for high handicappers and scratch golfers alike is directly related to physical health,” said SCPT Executive Director Eric Cardin. “Nagging injuries, weakness and poor flexibility can reduce performance, limit improvement, and restrict participation. Many of our SCPT staff members are also golfers, so we understand first-hand the potential injuries that can occur on the golf course.”

The American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine noted that a recent study during a two-year period showed 60 percent of professional golfers and 40 percent of amateur golfers suffer either a traumatic or overuse injury while golfing.

SCPT’s golf program offers prevention and education that uses the research and expertise gleaned from the TPI. SCPT certified staff also provides expert care to help the injured or post surgical golfer return to the course as quickly and safely as possible.

“We specialize in the rehabilitation of golfers who have undergone total joint replacement,” Cardin said. “No one wants to give up something they love if they can possibly help it. We want to give these golfers a way to get back on the course and continue to do what they love.”

To learn more about the golf services SCPT offers, call 508-832-2628.

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