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Ready. Set. Go! Market your new practice for the long term.

Full and original article posted on PPS Impact Magazine


You have opened your brand-new practice after years of hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and the last bit of faith to finally go your own way. The morning of the first day of business you throw open the doors and the crowds rival Walmart on Black Friday. Even the well patients are getting injured in your parking lot trying to get in! Or you lie awake the night before your big day and wonder if you will have enough patients to survive.

Reality is somewhere in the middle for most private practice therapists. Hopefully on the first day of your own gig there are already a few patients on the books waiting to be treated. The difficulty lies in where to start, and how to keep the practice growing. There are some simple steps that can be generally low cost and high reward.

Prior to opening your own clinic you have looked at the market and thought about location, distance from your target referral sources, and competition. Maybe you have identified a niche, or you have realized the community’s needs have changed or grown. No business plan is complete without a marketing plan, and the plan should cover the startup phase and what to do as the clinic matures. The plan has to be flexible as well. After all, what are the chances you had it all figured out day one?

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