Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy – Compassionate, Individualized & Expert Care

Individually Tailored Treatment Programs

South County Physical Therapy, Inc. understands that each patient must have several very specific needs met in order to ensure optimal results. Our staff works with our patients and their doctors to create individually tailored treatment programs. Each plan addresses several different goals: restoring function, improving mobility, relieving pain, preventing or limiting physical disabilities, and restoring and maintaining overall fitness and health.

Multiple Treatment Options Lead To Better Results

South County Physical Therapy, Inc. offers many different treatment techniques to our patients. By having multiple options available, we can better determine the best course of treatment for each patient’s needs. From aquatic therapy to electrical stimulation, therapeutic exercise to expert manual therapy skills, we are able to treat each patient in a manner which will result in the greatest possible benefit.

We Can’t Do It Alone

South County Physical Therapy, Inc. encourages our patients to take an active role in his/her recovery. While we are able to evaluate injuries, treat pain, and start patients on the road to recovery, we know that complete healing doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why we create treatment programs which promote early independence with self-management strategies. When patients complete their treatments on-location, they leave armed with a home exercise plan to further help round out their treatment.

Our Physical Therapy Locations and Staff:

Eric CardinPT
Auburn Clinical Director, Executive Director
Carla FaucherPTA
Auburn Assistant Clinical Director

fax: 508.832.4099
Eric CardinPT
Charlton Clinical Director, Executive Director

fax: 508.248.3203
Jayme Protano
fax: 508.581.8706
Westborough (East Main St.)
Eric CardinPT
Westboro Clinical Director
Jennifer LenkauskasPT
Assistant Clinical Director 

fax: 508.366.9819
Laura TurnerPT
Clinical Director

fax: 508.854.4143