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Aquatic Physical Therapy – Why water?

South County Physical Therapy (SCPT) is proud to be one of the only local physical therapy clinics to offer aquatic physical therapy.

At SCPT, we utilize the physical properties of water to help reduce pain, deload sore joints and get you moving. Exercising in water maneuvers more muscles than any other exercise medium.

The buoyancy of water moves  the postural muscles (which  are utilized predominantly in the maintenance of body posture against gravity) to keep you  upright and steady, gives assistance to weak muscles and painful joints, and allows for control of the amount of stress placed on weight-bearing structures.

The hydrostatic pressure (the pressure which is exerted on a portion of a column of water as a result of the weight of the fluid above it) of water helps to decrease edema (the build up of fluid in the bodily tissues or a body cavity), allows equal resistance to all muscle groups being worked, and keeps continuously active fixator muscles (muscles which act as a stabilizer of one part of the body during movement).

The temperature of our therapeutic pool is maintained at 94 degrees, which allows for increased blood flow, decreased inflammation and joint stiffness, relaxation, relief of pain, and muscle spasms.

Aquatic PT is helpful in treating decreased range of motion and strength, pain with movement against gravity, poor coordination, and gait problems.

We have had great success treating patients who have had back and neck injuries, joint replacements/injuries, sports injuries and neurological problems with aquatic therapy.

For more information or to schedule an appointment for evaluation for aquatic therapy, please contact our Auburn office at 508-832-2628.