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Preventing Sports Injuries in Children

“Nearly 50% of all injuries sustained by middle school and high school students during sports are overuse injuries.” This quote from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons in AAOS gives a significant statistic on how common overuse injuries are in youth sports. South County Physical Therapy, Inc. (SCPT) has joined a coalition to bring awareness to preventing sports overuse injuries called the STOP sports injuries campaign. This program is comprised of physicians, ATCs and physical therapists, who have a common goal of reducing the number of injuries in young athletes.

As part of SCPT’s membership, we have access to educational material on the sports with the highest rates of overuse injuries, resources for athletes, parents, coaches and healthcare professionals, and tip sheets on certain sports-related issues like concussions, heat illness and conditioning. STOP’s website provides a newsletter, podcasts, posters and presentations, and coach curriculum toolkit. You will be able to search for specialists in your area, and visit the events page to access information on programs your area. SCPT has been promoting overuse injury prevention through conditioning programs at dance studios, ACL prevention camps and injury screenings for the Westboro High School Spring track team.

Please call SCPT to schedule an appointment for a free injury assessment to Greendale YMCA members. Performing artists can contact us for free dancer assessments.