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Why Physical Therapy Matters

Physical Therapy today is dramatically different than it was in its infancy. Ancient healers acknowledged the benefits of exercise, massage, and manipulation of the joints. The modern physical therapist was born of developments in orthopedics, through attempts to help people with Polio, and in response to returning veterans in WWI and WWII. As medicine advanced during the World Wars, surgeons were able to repair and save limbs and young soldiers needed help reclaiming their function.

Today’s physical therapist practices with an arsenal of treatment approaches based in current science, Western and Eastern traditions, and a culture of information sharing and collaboration. Physical therapists assess movement patterns, determine levels of impairment, based on a deep understanding of anatomy, and they make complex clinical judgments.

The “Art and Science of Healing” has evolved and continues to be a first line choice among physicians and surgeons alike as an alternative to more invasive and more costly interventions. Physical therapists work closely and personally with each patient to create a life-long change in behavior, as well as physical change. Patients who participate in Physical Therapy should feel empowered, educated and energized about their health.

South County Physical Therapy has provided outpatient Physical Therapy in Worcester County for nearly 30 years. This wouldn’t be possible without the dedication and commitment of its Physical Therapy team. Our vast list of specialty programs and niche Physical Therapy practices speaks to our decades-long commitment to education and serving the people in our communities.