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Dance Medicine: Staying Fit for the Floor

Dance is an activity that doubles as an art form and an excellent source of exercise to maintain a strong balance of fitness. That being said, dance certainly has its challenges, both mentally as well as physically. For those who dance, it is especially important to stay healthy and always strive to develop a more toned technique.  If injuries should arise, it is also imperative that the best care possible is available to return dancers back to the floor faster.

South County Physical Therapy, Inc. has been a leader in Dance Medicine and rehabilitation excellence for nearly 30 years.  SCPT specializes in treating the many rehabilitation demands and special considerations unique to dancers, gymnasts and members of the Performing Arts Community.

The Dance Medicine program offered at SCPT integrates the latest information and proven techniques that address core stability, flexibility, dance injuries, and overall technique for all levels of dancers.

The program is tailored to the dancer’s specific needs, and includes assessments such as biomechanical performance data, foot examinations, flexibility, as well as strength and body alignment screenings. These more in-depth assessments help to tackle the nagging injuries that affect those dancers with extended training and experience, and are essential in a quicker recovery.

Many of the techniques implemented in training regiments by the InternationalDanceAcademy that have proven to be successful are used to develop rehab programs for each individual dancer. Improvement in technical skills and dance conditioning programs coincide with those successful training regiments to maintain dancers’ strength and help accelerate them through rehab.

Group or individual lectures are also offered as outlets for advice to help prevent future injuries and educate dancers on ways to identify the risk factors associated with injuries. Most importantly, SCPT utilizes its knowledge in dance medicine to determine a dancer’s readiness to return to dance, based on recovery and strength.

SCPT is a resource that offers the best care in the category of Dance Medicine.  For other perspectives on dance injuries and how to best overcome them, check out Lisa Howell’s Ballet Blog. A physiotherapist in Sydney, Australia, Lisa maintains her blog to offer helpful tips for dancers around the world to improve technique and fitness ability.

To learn more about Lisa Howell and the Ballet Blog visit, and to begin dance rehabilitation that’s right for you, make an appointment at South County Physical Therapy today!