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Patient’s Choice

Did you know you have the right to choose your own physical therapist?

In fact, Massachusetts allows patients to seek treatment from a physical therapist without a physician’s referral. While some insurance companies mandate that a patient must have a referral from a physician prior to seeing a physical therapist, you are not required to adhere to the physician’s recommendation of a physical therapist, if that is not your choice.

According to the National Health Interview Survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Center of Health Statistics, the number of patients under age 65 with high-deductible health plans has increased each year. The American Medical Association’s annual health insurer report card noted that in 2013, patients were responsible for nearly one quarter of total medical bills. Patients who pay more out-of-pocket are generally more rigorous about who, when and under what circumstances they see their doctor or physical therapist.

Therefore, it’s more important than ever before to choose your physical therapist wisely, and based on your personal preference to encourage health and well-being.

Many physical therapists specialize in treating particular conditions, so research the physical therapist you are planning to visit to be sure they are able to treat your specific condition. Verify that the physical therapist is licensed and that he or she accepts your type of health insurance.

Your healthcare is a very personal experience and your physical therapist should recognize your individual needs and reasons for seeking physical therapy, and create a treatment program specifically for you.

For nearly 30 years, South County Physical Therapy, Inc. (SCPT) is proud to have been the choice of thousands of patients, providing the highest quality and personalized rehabilitative care in a safe and nurturing environment. The SCPT staff has a combined average of over 12 years experience in the physical therapy field.

In an age of increased patient cost sharing, it is vital to minimize your medical expenditures to ensure that you are treated by a physical therapist who is well-educated, participates in continuing education courses, and is versed in the latest cutting edge advancements in the treatment of physical therapy. The majority of SCPT physical therapists have a longstanding tenure with SCPT and are highly regarded in their areas of expertise. We offer all of our therapists continuous professional and clinical development education with the goal of maintaining our reputation of excellence.

Patient choice is your right and everyone should exercise that right in order to obtain the best possible care. If we can help answer any questions, please call us today.

SCPT accepts many health insurance plans and most private insurance coverage. The company offers six convenient locations throughout Central Massachusetts. For more information, call 508-832-2628 or visit