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Changing the Mainstream Misconceptions of Physical Therapy

The rudimentary concepts of healing through physical therapy have evolved over time to encompass all facets of rehabilitative care, preventative maintenance, and performance enhancing techniques. These techniques are used by individuals, professional athletes, and performing artists alike. While the field of physical therapy continues to grow by leaps and bounds, there are many common misconceptions of this healthcare sector.

The misconception that PT is for the elderly and injured: PT lays the groundwork for recovery for those who have experienced an injury or joint replacement to help them regain strength, range of motion, and reduce pain. PT also is a developmental technique used by many youth athletes, professional athletes, and performing artists to hone their skills and reduce the risk of injury.

As a private practice, SCPT offers a range of programs that focus on performance enhancement and leading an active lifestyle. SCPT’s Fit for Golf Program helps both novice and seasoned golfers and is designed based on SCPT’s unique knowledge of the body’s biomechanics and how they affect a player’s swing. SCPT’s Dance Medicine program combines proven techniques from the International Academy of Dance with the unique rehabilitative considerations for members of the performing arts community. SCPT’s Sports Medicine Program helps athletes meet the physical challenges of their sport, while assessing the risks of injury to the player.

The misconception that PT Providers are dictated by insurance: A recent study by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) uncovered that 70% of people believe a referral or prescription is required for a physical therapy evaluation. The good news is that all 50 states allow individuals to be evaluated by a physical therapist without a physician’s referral. Most states also provide certain types of treatment and intervention without a referral. A majority of health insurances also offer coverage for PT services. As suggested by APTA, those who engage in physical therapy will make up for payments not covered by insurance through savings on future health care costs.

The misconception that PT causes discomfort: An APTA survey also revealed that 71% of individuals who have never participated in physical therapy believe that therapy is painful. The goal of a physical therapy provider is to reduce discomfort, help patients achieve pain-free movement, and decrease the uncomfortable symptoms of an injury. One of the ways SCPT helps its patients to reduce pain is through the Oncology Rehabilitation Program, which services patients who have undergone or who are currently undergoing oncology care to help individuals to overcome the painful effects of cancer treatment.

If you or a loved one has considered PT and have concerns, call SCPT. Our highly-skilled therapists are standing by to answer your questions. We welcome you to visit our practice for a free 15-minute evaluation to assess your symptoms. SCPT is committed to providing its patients and the community with educational resources to assist them in making informed decisions about their healthcare options.