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Discovering Sustainable Health During Healthy Weight Week

With the start of 2016 behind us, there are many New Year’s resolutions in full swing. According to Medical Daily, 39.6 percent of those who make resolutions list weight loss as their top priority. If you’re struggling to meet your weight loss goals, perhaps it’s time for a different approach. January 18th marks the beginning of healthy weight week, an initiative developed to empower individuals to maintain a healthy weight long-term through self-acceptance and by developing a positive relationship with food and exercise. This may sound easier said than done, but South County Physical Therapy, Inc. is happy to provide ideas to get you on the right path to loving your body and fueling it properly, for sustainable success.

Accept your Body Type Just like eye and hair color, genetics dictate your natural shape. Instead of focusing on an unrealistic perception of the ideal body, concentrate on the valuable aspects of your unique shape. Do you love your strong legs because they power you through races? Or maybe it’s your arms, which have the ability to carry your children, grocery bags, and lend a helping hand. You have one body- celebrate it!

Ditch the (Fad) Diet Fad diets are popular because they offer the promise of rapid weight loss. Many individuals who have success with these diets will regain all of their lost weight- 65 percent according to Instead of adopting a strict weight loss plan, try to focus on overall health and wellness. Eating a wide-variety of foods that will provide your body with nutritious sources of energy will not only help you maintain a stable weight, but you’ll feel better too! Listen to your body during mealtimes. Paying attention to hunger cues can help you stop eating when you’re full, or maybe you’ll need to eat more to feel satisfied and prevent binges later on in the day.

Enjoyable Exercise It’s easy to dread exercise when it becomes a forced activity. Try out many different forms of exercise to find one you enjoy. Think back to a time when you were physically active because it was fun, not because it was something you had to squeeze into your schedule. Childhood activities like jumping on a trampoline, riding your bike, sledding, or swimming at the beach will most likely provide as much amusement now as they did then! If you’re body is in motion, you’re strengthening your muscles, developing stronger bones, and maintaining a healthy weight. You’ll also experience increased memory function, more restful sleep, and improved mood. (

For more information on maintaining a healthy and sustainable weight, read “Healthy Weight – It’s Not a Diet, It’s a Lifestyle” produced by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). You can learn more about the Healthy Weight Week campaign sponsored by Green Mountain at Fox Run, a retreat that helps women find a healthy weight for their unique body types using a holistic approach, at:

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