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Favorite Recipes for Healthy Summer Fresh Flavor

The summer season is synergistic with pool parties, picnics, graduations, and other outdoor celebrations. As you’re prepping for entertaining with family and friends, consider including healthy, enticing entrées, with savory side dishes, and delicious desserts at your next event.

Master the Marinade: Make it your mission to limit sugary, calorie-laden sauces, and opt for do-it-yourself, fresh, and flavorful marinades. Pair our favorite options below with lean protein like chicken, fish, and tofu to create a crowd-pleasing main course for your summer event.

Serve up Sensational Sides: These show-stealing side dishes will be a welcome addition to all of your outdoor get-togethers. Serve up healthier versions of summer staples, and introduce some new ones.

Discover a New Dessert: Tempt your taste buds with ripe, in-season fruit from your local farmstand. Use this Harvesting Calendar from to determine when crops like fruit, vegetables, herbs, and flowers are ready to pick or purchase.

South County Physical Therapy (SCPT) hopes you enjoy the fresh flavors of summer in many healthy and delicious ways. If you have a favorite, healthy summertime recipe, we’d love to hear about it. Please private message us on our Facebook page.