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Healthy Comfort Foods for Cold Winter Days

As temperatures drop and sunlight diminishes, it is tempting to reach for those foods that provide little nutrition yet offer warmth and relief. CNN Health shares that those who turn to comfort foods, which may take the form of sweet, calorie-dense, rich flavors or hearty, salty, and savory dishes, often report improved mood and reduced stress upon consumption.

Comfort foods may indeed provide comfort, but they don’t have to lead to weight gain every winter. SCPT would like to share several healthy ingredient suggestions and satisfying recipes to try, designed to bring extra nutritional value to your hungry winter indulgences.

Increase your variety of healthy comfort food choices this winter, by coordinating a pot-luck dinner with your nutrition-mindful friends. Not only will you enjoy the nurturing company of others, but you can divide up the delicious leftovers for easy meal planning.

Beyond making nutritional and satisfying food choices this winter season, SCPT also suggests taking comfort in the invigorating power of being active, which can release feel-good endorphins, boost oxygen-rich circulation, and combat any seasonal sluggishness. With SCPT’s convenient online exercise videos, stretching and strengthening at home has never been easier, all year round. Contact us anytime with questions – we’re happy to help!