Decades of Experience Lead to a Wide Variety of Options

For nearly 30 years, South County Physical Therapy, Inc.’s (SCPT) depth of experience has made us a leader in our field.

Rehabilitation services offered include:

Additional Services

Golf Program

Golf performance, for high handicappers and scratch golfers alike, is directly related to physical health. Nagging injuries, weakness, and poor flexibility can reduce performance, limit improvement, and restrict participation. SCPT’s Titleist Performance Institute certified staff provides expert care to the injured golfer. In addition to prevention and education, our staff is ready to help the injured or post-surgical golfer return to the course. We specialize in the rehabilitation of golfers who have undergone total joint replacement.


Back injuries and injuries related to repetitive stress are the leading causes of lost workdays, which equal billions of dollars in lost revenue and added expenses each year in America. SCPT’s Ergonomic Team uses the IMPACC program to reduce pain and disability in the workplace. Companies utilizing this program have reported a 72% decrease in OSHA-reported lost workdays. This unique program goes beyond simply reviewing proper lifting techniques and proper office equipment. Our comprehensive 4-step program includes work risk analysis, management training, employee training, and Ergo-Team training. By building a comprehensive plan, we are able to create a program which helps ensure long-term success.

SCPT’s goal is to create a culture of awareness and safety. Your company will begin to work toward several important goals, which include decreased injury rates, decreased Worker’s Compensation rates, and lowered risk exposure. Organizations such as National Grid and The Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts have benefited from our approach. Click here to contact us regarding our Ergonomic Programs.