Dance Medicine

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Dance Medicine

As a leader in Dance Medicine and rehabilitation excellence for 30 years, South County Physical Therapy, Inc. (SCPT) specializes in treating the many rehabilitation demands and special considerations unique to dancers, gymnasts, and members of the Performing Arts Community. Our Dance Medicine Program integrates the latest information and proven techniques from the International Academy of Dance, along with further guidance to prevent future injuries.

Our Dance Medicine Program offers:

  • Biomechanical performance data and foot assessment
  • Proven techniques from the International Academy of Dance
  • Rehabilitation that is specialized for the dancer and performing artist
  • Guidance to help prevent future injuries and identification of risk factors for injury
  • Dance specific screenings, which look at flexibility, strength and body alignment
  • Improvements to technical skill
  • Dance conditioning programs
  • Individual and group lectures
  • Determination of readiness for dance

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