Total Joint Replacement: Ready, Set, Go!

South County Physical Therapy, Inc. (SCPT) is offering a new program that focuses on Total Joint Replacement: Ready, Set, Go! Studies show that the stronger and more active you are before, during, and after surgery, the greater your success will be postsurgery. SCPT is here to help prepare you, plan with you, and give you the ability to recover so that your end result is confidently a “Go”!

“Ready” is the first step in the program, and lays the groundwork for recovery before your joint replacement surgery. Patients join a small group exercise class that is designed to get them in shape prior to surgery. SCPT’s physical therapists are there to motivate and prepare you, so that when you step into recovery, you have already developed a strong foundation for success.

“Set” is the willingness to start your recovery. Physical therapy can only help to enhance and quicken your recovery so you can return to your everyday activities after Total Joint Replacement surgery. SCPT is here to help make your recovery easier and positively work through challenges with you.

“Go” is the goal, and we intend to achieve it, together. We encourage patients to adopt a long-term exercise plan with PT follow-up for positive long-term outcomes. Programs may also feature partnerships with exercise groups and clubs right in the heart of your local communities.

Program benefits:

  • Improved mobility and function
  •  Increased strength and stretching ability
  • Reduced pain levels 
  •  Gained confidence to return to everyday activities