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Grant Pattee – Assistant Director, Charlton

1.) How many years have you been practicing Physical Therapy?
I have been a physical therapist for four years and was a rehabilitation aide for five years prior to that.

2.) Why did you choose to become a Physical Therapist?
I have always enjoyed science and sports. I started as an athletic training major and physical education teacher. I eventually looked for something to combine both sports medicine and teaching. A good hybrid career was PT.

3.) Was there anything in particular that inspired your career choice?
The experience I had at South County as a high school student.  I really “enjoyed” my time as a patient and eventually applied to PT school.

4.) Do you have any mentors or role models who inspired your career?
There are dozens. One of the factors that distinguishes our field from others is our interaction with our peers.

5.) Please describe a typical day for you at SCPT.
Receiving and sending staff emails; calls and interactions with staff; and working directly with patients.

6.) What are some of your personal interests or hobbies?
Acoustic guitar, card shark, computer gaming, sports, gardening, chickens and, most importantly, my wife and children.

7.) What is something that most people don’t know about you?
I am an aspiring country rock star.

8.) What is the most rewarding part of your work?
Connecting on a personal level with both staff and patients and constantly being challenged.

9.) Do you support any local charities?
I belong to and support a local church, and work with several ALS fundraisers.  I would eventually love to get more involved with veterans.

10.) Do you speak any foreign languages?
I like to believe I speak many, but I really don’t. I can hack my way through some Spanish conversation, utter multiple things in Greek, and say thank you in about six others.

11.) If you could enjoy a meal with anyone in the world, with whom would you dine?
My wife.

12.) What are three things you cannot live without?
Family, faith, friends.

13.) Where is one place you have always wanted to visit?

14.) Who or what inspires you?
Children (mine and others), blissful ignorance, a playful personality, and living for each moment like it were the only one.