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Jayme Protano – Director, Millbury

Jayme Protano – Director, Millbury

1. How many years have you been practicing Physical Therapy?
I’ve been practicing for more than 20 years.

2. Why did you choose to become a Physical Therapist?
I participated in a lot of sports in high school. I had to go to PT for a knee injury and was really impressed with the PTs with whom I worked. I knew I wanted to go into the medical field and PT seemed like a great fit for me.

3. Was there anything in particular who inspired your career choice?
I was inspired by both the patients and therapists I observed while doing my own PT.

4. Please describe a typical day for you at SCPT.
I’ve recently transferred to our Millbury office and am now the clinic director here. I spend most of my time doing patient care, but spend 1-2 hours per day taking care of administrative tasks. I work a variety of days and evenings. The majority of my patients are orthopedic, but I see a nice mix of ortho, neurological, and general medical diagnoses.

5. What are some of your personal interests or hobbies?
I do a lot of photography in my spare time. I’ve recently begun doing portrait photography for family and friends. It makes a wonderful creative outlet for me.

6. What do you do to stay active?
I play soccer (both indoor and outdoor) with a fantastic women’s team. I also practice and teach yoga, and do a little bit of running.

7. What is the most rewarding part of your work?
Seeing the patients I work with improve and take responsibility for their health and well-being.

8. Do you support any local charities?
This past year I joined the South County Relay for Life team. We raised money for the American Cancer Society. I am looking forward to participating again this year.

9. Do you speak any foreign languages?
Unfortunately, no. I wish I did, but perhaps that will be a future project for me.

10. If you could eat a meal with anyone in the world, with whom would you eat?
I think dinner with Jimmy Fallon would be a lot of fun!

11. What are three things you cannot live without?
My kids, books and my camera.

12. Where is one place you have always wanted to visit?
I’d love to take a European tour.

13. Who or what inspires you?
I’m inspired daily by my co-workers at South County. I learn new things every day from the excellent therapists with whom I work.