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Emily Trudeau

Emily Trudeau

1. How many years have you been practicing Physical Therapy?
This is my first year practicing Physical Therapy. I completed my final clinical rotation with South County in the Winter and was fortunate enough to be hired after graduation.

2. Why did you choose to become a Physical Therapist?
I knew I wanted to go into a field where I could help people; however, along the way I shadowed many different people and realized I do NOT do well with blood. I also like being able to see results; seeing how someone is on their first day of treatment and where they grow to by the time they are done is extremely motivational to me as well.

3. Was there anything in particular that inspired your career choice?
I, like many, had my own experiences with PT growing up. I liked being able to return to sport and thought it was great that people were able to do that for others as a career.

4. Do you have any mentors or role models who inspired your career?
I am extremely lucky to be able to work with many amazing role models. I have been able to learn a lot from all of my coworkers and hope to continue learning. I was lucky to have an amazing mentor throughout undergraduate and graduate school; Dr. Danielle Day-Notini played a large role in my life. She encouraged me and supported me with research and helped me prepare for presenting at a National Conference.

5. Please describe a typical day for you at SCPT.
Depending on the day, I may be in the pool or just on land. I see my land patients – lots of strengthening, manual work, balance training, gait training, and even more laughs. Then I head into the pool, where I treat those who have had difficulty on land. We work to achieve specific goals in the water, once those goals have been met, we transition back to land therapy. One night a week, I also help run a strength and conditioning program for Irish Step Dancers, ages 8-17. We receive information from the school about where the girls are lacking/ lose points at competition and create strength programs to help them succeed at their next competition.

6. What are some of your personal interests or hobbies?
I have a passion for cooking and baking (sometimes my co-workers even benefit from it!) and love being outdoors – walking, sitting by a campfire, worshipping the sun, I love it all. I also love being with family and friends, vacations, bonfires, relaxing at the beach. My newest hobby seems to be party planning/ helping my friends plan their weddings.

7. What do you do to stay active?
I enjoy going to the gym, especially with friends; I reward myself with strength training if I complete cardio. I love walking, especially on the beach when it’s available.

8. What is something that most people don’t know about you?
I picked up crocheting while in school and have continued with it. My forte lately has been hats, scarves, and afghans.

9. What is the most rewarding part of your work?
I love seeing my patient’s face when they complete something that they hadn’t been able to do previously. Returning to work, climbing stairs reciprocally, even touching their toes are all exciting events. Knowing that I was able to help them reach their goals is a great feeling. I hope to make them laugh a little along the way as well!

10. Do you support any local charities?
For many years, I worked with the Special Olympics and volunteered throughout school.

11. Do you speak any foreign languages?
Does sarcasm count as a foreign language?

12. If you could eat a meal with anyone in the world, with whom would you eat?
I would love to get all of my family members together for a massive family dinner out in Idaho. It’s hard to get everyone on the same side of the country, forget sitting down at the same table.

13. What are three things you cannot live without?
Ice Cream. Iced Coffee. My Family.

14. Where is one place you have always wanted to visit?
Tahiti. Fiji. Anywhere with an overwater villa!

15. Who or what inspires you?
My family. My parents have always showed me just what hard work and perseverance can get you; what unconditional love and support looks like; and the amazing things that can happen if you follow your heart. My siblings have taught me how to laugh, how to share, and how to be strong and stand up for what you believe in. I owe a lot to them; I wouldn’t be half of the person that I am today without their love and support.