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South County Physical Therapy, Inc. and The Core Connection work together to fill a vital need

For Immediate Release: January 27, 2014

Contact Information:
Eric Cardin, SCPT Executive Director, 508-832-2628

NORTHBOROUGH _ On Saturday, February 1, 2014, two local health and wellness organizations will work collaboratively to educate and inform the public on core stabilization, along with an often ignored, yet extremely important topic: the pelvic floor.

Stacey Berger, Physical Therapist from South County Physical Therapy, Inc. (SCPT), will present two important workshops at The Core Connection, LLC, a fitness studio located in Northborough.

The first is a Foam Roller Workshop from noon to 1 p.m., in which Berger will highlight ways to use the foam rollers for stretching and an overall core workout. This is a workshop for people who place a significant amount of load and demand on their joint and muscles. A foam roller helps to release trigger points, gain flexibility, increases body awareness and aids in core stabilization. Berger uses foam rollers with her pelvic floor patients, as well as other PT patients.

The second workshop, held from 1 p.m. – 2 p.m. is an educational workshop, “Pelvic Floor -The Floor to Your Core!”  In this workshop, participants will learn to identify the pelvic floor muscles and the importance of muscle balance to support the pelvic floor. This workshop will offer a better understanding of the connection between the pelvic floor and core exercises.

“We are breaking the silence in our upcoming workshop,” said The Core Connection Owner, Rita Matraia. “It is estimated that one in three women will experience some type of pelvic dysfunction in their lifetime. Our hope is to start the conversation so that we can share our knowledge on symptoms, possible causes, and helpful hints for this very important issue.”

Berger, a graduate of Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY, with a degree in Physical Therapy, has specialized in Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation and Women’s Health, outpatient orthopedics and oncology rehabilitation. She is a member of the Society of Urological Nurses and Associates, and the International Pelvic Pain Society. Currently, she works at SCPT as Director of Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation and Women’s Health Services.

“It’s important for people to understand the pelvic floor muscles, engage them, and have an effective workout that is done correctly,” Berger said.

In her presentation, Berger will discuss how the pelvic floor muscles are the foundation for the core of the body. They help stabilize the pelvis and support all the muscles in the lower abdominal cavity. She noted that often when people think about a core workout, they think about sit-ups.

“When working the core, a person should be engaging the pelvic floor muscles, as well as the deep muscles of the back and abdomen,” Berger said.

When the pelvic floor muscles become weak or damaged, there can be issues such as incontinence, constipation, sexual dysfunction, pain, to a prolapsed uterus or bladder.

While these issues are often associated with women, due to childbirth, menopause, aging and overall inactivity, men can also have the same problems.

This is also not just an older person’s issue.

“I’ve seen many young women in their teens and 20s who have no awareness of the pelvic floor. They are sometimes so engaged in lifting the abdominal muscles that they don’t know the normal resting for the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are then wound up and tight and may not function,” she continued. “Learning about balance and muscle balance is so important. I want to help create awareness out in the community.”

Today, there is more awareness than there was 10 years ago due in part to the Internet, Berger added.

“There’s also better education to the community and medical professionals are more aware of this,” she said.

For more information on how to participate in one or both workshops, visit or call (508) 393-8086 for information.

SCPT specializes in pelvic floor dysfunction and offers rehabilitation services that focus on the assessment and treatment of incontinence issues and various pelvic pain conditions. SCPT offers a unique pelvic floor physical therapy program that addresses the muscles of the pelvic floor. Treatment usually requires eight to 12 visits that include a comprehensive evaluation and the use of a variety of modalities that may include biofeedback, exercise, neuromuscular stimulation, patient education, and functional training.

For nearly 30 years, South County Physical Therapy, Inc. has been dedicated to providing its patients with quality, personalized rehabilitative care in an environment that is safe, comfortable and compassionate. As a privately owned company, the organization has given back to numerous charitable organizations in the communities it serves, and seeks to make a difference in promoting wellness and health awareness. The company offers six locations in Central Massachusetts that include: Auburn, Charlton, Millbury, Westborough (East Main Street and Oak Street) and Worcester. For more information, visit