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How do we choose wisely when making investments in technology?


In many ways, technology improves our lives every day. We can pay bills with the tap of our fingers and a slide of the thumb. We make reservations for dinner, gather shopping lists, and stay connected with family and friends both near and far. Technology has impacted our lives in everything we do. If we leave the lights on, there is an app for turning them off remotely. We forget a birthday, a meeting, or to let the cat out and we can ask Siri to “Remind me every day at 9 p.m. to let Mr. Snuggles out.” In a fast-paced world, technology can keep us connected and on task.

In medicine, technology has advanced in so many ways. People are surviving traumatic injuries and fighting back against chronic diseases. Fifty years from now, what will happen to recovery times? What debilitating diseases will we help patients battle back from? Advances in technology continue to change how physicians make decisions, and as valued members of the health care continuum, physical therapists will need to adapt to technology and innovate in their own practice to lead the field of rehabilitation.

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