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Promoting Employee Health and Wellness

According to the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development (EOLWD), more than 330,000 people throughout Worcester County were employed each month during the first half of 2016. Regardless of which industry you choose or what hours you work, it’s important to regularly check in on your health. Whether you’re an employer or an employee, you have the opportunity to promote healthy lifestyles during Global Employee Health & Fitness Month (GEHFM), which can benefit your team at work, at home, and year-round. Initiating programs to increase workplace wellness not only helps decrease illness and injury, but there are also added-value benefits. The National Association for Health and Fitness (NAHF) reports that enhanced employee productivity, reduced absenteeism, and improved healthcare costs are some of the advantages recouped by health-conscious companies.

As advocates for an active and well-balanced lifestyle, SCPT is sharing some exciting (and healthy) ideas to help you kick off GEHFM.

  • What’s for lunch? Suggest a healthy potluck lunch, and share your favorite nutritious recipes with your co-workers. Not only will you expand your palate, but you’ll discover simple and healthy meals to enjoy at home, too.
  • How’s the view? Sitting for extended periods of time can have an adverse impact on long-term well-being and can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and mortality. In lieu of sitting, standing desks offer a new perspective on health, while stability balls offer an opportunity to strengthen core muscles and improve posture.
  • Don’t forget your sneakers! Get some fresh air, and go for a stroll outside during lunch. For some healthy competition, challenge your co-workers to form teams during GEHFM, and celebrate the group that walks the most.
  • Bring your yoga mat to work! With a laser pointer trained on the detrimental effects of stress, yoga and meditation experts are being called upon to integrate their practices within corporate environments. Suggest an after-hours yoga class on-site or off, and relax with your colleagues.
  • Treadmill or Stairmaster? Make opportunities for physical activity and fitness more accessible. Explore the possibility of a corporate gym membership program to invest in everyday health. Many fitness chains offer employee memberships designed for small and large businesses.

Kudos to all the employers who make health and wellness a company priority, and to the employees who participate in the valuable programs offered. Remember, healthy workplaces are happy and productive workplaces, too. If you have questions about making your company a healthier place, connect with SCPT.