Biomechanical Foot Assessment & Custom Orthotics

Step-By-Step Guidance To Biomechanical Foot Function

Biomechanical Foot Assessment & Custom Orthotics

Making strides towards pain reduction

Assessing how the foot “works” from the inside out can reveal underlying causes of pain throughout the body.

Program Benefits include:

  • Suggested exercises to increase strength & flexibility
  • Proper fittings for shoes and sneakers
  • Recommendations for custom orthotics, if needed

Each of South County Physical Therapy, Inc.’s (SCPT) locations features therapists who are trained to identify the need for custom or non-custom orthotics. Current patients may have an orthotic assessment without an assessment fee. Former patients or new patients pay $40.00 for a 30-minute orthotic assessment, which includes a complete biomechanical gait analysis and recommendation for orthotics. Our primary custom orthotic is fabricated by Sole Supports and costs approximately $270.00. In addition to custom orthotics, we also carry semi-custom orthotics (using the Quadrastep system) and non-custom orthotics (such as Spenco and BFO).