Oncology Rehabilitation

Our goal is to help you get back to being you

South County Physical Therapy, Inc.’s (SCPT) locations at Worcester, Millbury, and Auburn offer specialized physical therapy for Oncology Rehabilitation and Lymphedema. Therapists working in these facilities offer rehabilitation services to patients who have undergone or who are currently undergoing oncology care. It is our goal to provide a continuum of care which enables our patients to overcome the potentially debilitating effects of cancer treatment. This dedication to cutting edge, evidenced based care was made possible by funding from the Friends of Mel Foundation.

During cancer survivorship, patients are commonly faced with a loss of joint motion, weakness in the extremities, fatigue, scar tissue, pain, and Lymphedema. National organizations such as the Commission on Cancer have recognized that rehabilitation is a necessary and distinct part of recovery from cancer and cancer treatments. Our physical therapists are uniquely qualified to address this recovery.

SCPT focuses on your health and wellness after cancer. Patients who are referred to our Worcester, Millbury, or Auburn location will be evaluated by a licensed physical therapist. Together we will create an individualized program with the goal of recovery of function and introduction into an independent exercise program. To facilitate the transition to independent exercise, we have created a unique partnership with the Westborough Tennis and Swim Club (WTSC). Fitness professionals at WTSC help our patients transition to independent exercise to further their recovery after cancer. In addition, we have a network of massage therapists, patient advocates, support groups, educational outlets, and other supportive care to assist in your cancer recovery.

Oncology Rehabilitation Program benefits:

  • Improved function
  • Pain reduction
  • Lessened effects of Lymphedema
  • Empowerment for a return to pre-cancer level of activities